Game-Changing Guidance For The Stepmom!


"My mind is still blown from the way Tracy was able to understand my situation. She helped me to see (it) from other points of view that no other professional has ever been able to. It was truly eye-opening!" (K.S.)

90-minute Intensive

If you're the type of person who likes to "go big or go home", you'll be truly impressed with what we can accomplish in this one session. I'll even check up on you to make sure the magic is really happening!

Here's how it goes

  • I'll send you a questionnaire in advance of our call so you can tell me everything I need to know about your situation and your problem,
  • 90 minutes of laser-focused coaching and solid action steps, 
  • a 20-minute follow up call after 2-4 weeks to add accountability and make sure that things have really changed for you!

Book a 90-Minute Intensive!

What can I expect from this intensive coaching?

You choose an issue that you are most interested in resolving and that's what we'll work on.  

We'll dive deep and take a new look at the roots of this problem. I combine your own feelings and observations with my intuitive compass to form insights that will give you a new perspective. We're not done until you have a set of precise action steps to support you as you let go of limiting beliefs, grieve losses or move through significant changes in your life and relationships. You will quickly get your bearings and feel like you can take on the world again!

Limited Availability - $497

"Before working with Tracy, I was feeling overwhelmed with the emotions related to being a step mum and feeling out of control of my own life.

I also felt trapped by the financial constraints of the situation.

It was deeper and more emotional than I expected.

I felt a lot calmer and more empowered. I began to see what I could and couldn’t control. I felt really supported and understood which made me feel calmer and less crazy. I began to see that I this could be an opportunity to me to grow rather than a trap". (S.W.)

 Stepmom Miracle Makeover Program

This is a premium coaching program for those who are ready to use the stepmom challenges as a springboard for dramatic personal growth. 

I combine insight with hindsight from 12 years as a stepmom. 

My step-by-step approach to clearing your issues in the right order will finally help you understand why other approaches you've tried haven't worked as well as you hoped. The addition of EFT (tapping) and essential oils into our work will rapidly dissolve old fears, hurts and insecurities. You can finally leave behind limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you.

  This package consists of 4 90-minute phone/video sessions to be used weekly, bi-weekly or monthly according to your needs.  

VIP BONUS: Add unlimited Voxer support for $397 

1. Start where you are. Together, we'll unpack your issues and learn how to see them with a clear perspective. We'll untangle your complicated ball of problems and tackle one simple strand at a time. You will begin to feel relief right away! 

2. Understand Family Energy Systems. These laws rule all parent/child relationships, and knowing about them will help you master the dynamics between all the members of your family. Getting along together will become the new normal

3. Up-level your Mindset and surprise yourself with how calm, cool and in control you are in any situation!

4. Celebrate the ease and peacefulness of your home life and carry on enjoying your funky, fun-loving, well-adjusted family!


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