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Game-Changing Stepmom Skills To Learn At Your Own Pace! 

Tracy Poizner, Stepmom Wilderness Coach

Take What You Need, On Your Own Or With Help!

I created these courses to fill the gaps in your stepmom know-how so you can feel prepared with what to say and how to react in any blended family situation!

Essentials For Your Complete Stepmom Skill-set:


You're not mom. You're not dad. Who are you when it comes to saying 'no'?

Use the pdf workbook alongside this 12-part video course, and by the end, you will know exactly how to find your place in the famly dynamic so you can feel comfortable with rules and consequences.

  • Get good at setting limits
  • Learn the best way to make new rules
  • Discover the only way to dish out consequences while keeping your nice guy image!
  • Feel cool and confident with a perfect response to every situation!
  • Bonus: $249 off the Stepmom Miracle Makeover Program with exclusive code!

12 videos + workbook     
$99   Buy Now!


Becoming Part of the Family is the Ultimate Stepmom Grand-Slam!

  • Learn the 3 things your stepkids think about you (whether they admit it or not) that you have no idea about!
  • Discover the #1 best way to get on their side (that never fails) and doesn't cost a cent. Note: This is the total opposite of what you probably think you should be doing!
  • It's not just you: There are 5 things your partner needs to do to help you to feel accepted (here's how to get him to actually do them).
  • Finally feel acknowledged, accepted and appreciated in your blended family!


Now, you can stop letting other people's drama take over your life and your home!  

Whether it's your HCBM, your MIL or a teenage SK, learn how to keep yourself and your family safe from swirling negative forces that threaten your peace of mind.

  • Have the right words ready to keep the upper hand in any conflict.
  • Help your partner put healthy boundaries in place to manage difficult people in your lives.
  • Includes a guided meditation video just for stepmoms!
  • The best Essential Oils to relieve impatience and irritability, and to bring a peaceful atmosphere into your home.
  • Follow-along EFT tapping demo to reduce stress caused by bio-mom or others (+ bonus tapping video included!)
  • Feel in control of your life again!


Do you prefer personal, individualized support? 

Private coaching is available!

90-Minute Intensive

Stepmom Miracle Makeover Program

Do you need to fix your family dynamic ASAP? Don't waste another ounce of time or energy trying to DIY it! Let me help you uncover your most critical challenges and get the urgent relief you need!

Here's how it goes:

  • I'll send you a questionnaire in advance of our call so you can tell me everything I need to know about your situation and your problem,  
  • 90 minutes of laser-focused coaching and solid action steps,  
  • a 20-minute follow up call after 2-4 weeks to add accountability and make sure that things have really changed for you! 

What can I expect from this intensive coaching?  

You can expect significant relief from whatever problem you choose to work on during this session, within 2-4 weeks.

We'll dive deep to get at the source of your particular problem, and from there I will give you precise action steps that will help you gain the confidence and energy you need to take on the world again!  

BONUS: Lifetime access for any one of the video courses above! Value up to $99.

Limited Availability 

  •  $497*  

This premium coaching program (click for more info) is for those who are ready to leverage the unique challenges of being a step-parent for dramatic personal growth.  

I combine insight with hindsight from my 12 years as a stepmom and a bio-mom! Use your four 90-minute sessions weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 

  • Start where you are. We'll untangle your complicated ball of problems and tackle one simple strand at a time. You will begin to feel relief right away!
  • Understand Family Energy Systems. Master the dynamics that rule the relationships between all the members of your family. Getting along together will become the new normal.
  • Up-level your Mindset and surprise yourself with how calm, cool and in control you are in any situation!
  • Celebrate the ease and peacefulness of your home life and carry on enjoying your funky, fun-loving, well-adjusted family!

  • $1997*  
  • VIP BONUS: Add Unlimited Voxer support between calls for $397  
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