Self-Study Courses:

Game-Changing Stepmom Skills To Learn At Your Own Pace! Take What You Need As Fast Or Slow As You Like

You're reading half a dozen stepmom blogs a day. You've subscribed to 3 online parenting magazines. You even begged for help from chatrooms full of bashers with a hopeful: "PLEASE BE KIND!" 

But you're not making any headway.  

You still don't know how to act when it's time to be the boss without ending up as the "evil stepmother". You still haven't broken through that invisible barrier that keeps you feeling like an outsider in your own home. You still complain that your life is at the mercy of a drama queen who doesn't even live under the same roof.

These video courses are designed to help you understand the essential rules of being a modern-day stepmom and how to adapt them to suit your unique life situation. 

These Are The Must-Have Stepmom Skills You Need:


You're not mom. You're not dad. Who are you when it comes to saying 'no'?

Use the pdf workbook alongside this 12-part video course, and by the end, you will know exactly how to find your place in the famly dynamic so you can feel comfortable with rules and consequences.

  • Get good at setting limits
  • Learn the best way to make new rules
  • Discover the only way to dish out consequences while keeping your nice guy image!
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Send in your completed workbook for a no-hassle refund.


It's the Ultimate Stepmom Grand-Slam:

Yes, you can feel Acknowledged, Accepted and Appreciated in your blended family!

  • The 3 things your stepkids think about you (whether they admit it or not) that you have no idea about!
  • The #1 best way to get on their side (that never fails) and doesn't cost a cent. Note: This is the total opposite of what you probably think you should be doing!
  • The 5 things your partner needs to do to help you to feel accepted (and how to get him to actually do them).
  • How to use your own inner belongingness story to acheive the breakthrough you have been waiting for, and finally feel acknowledged, accepted and appreciated in your blended family!


Now, you can stop letting other people's drama take over your life and your home.  

Whether it's your HCBM, your MIL or a teenage SK, learn how to keep yourself and your family safe from swirling negative forces that threaten your peace of mind.

  • Feel in control of your life again
  • Have the right words ready for any situation
  • Help your partner put healthy boundaries in place to manage difficult people in his life (and yours!)