Stepmom Success Lab 

with Tracy Poizner 

Are you tired of stepmom challenges that tank your mood and sap your self-confidence?  

This 4-Week video course will fast-track your parenting skills, help you cultivate harmony with Bio-Mom and leave you feeling confident about your place in the family!

If you want to learn the secrets of how happy stepmoms get past frustration and insecurity so you can make your blended family life rewarding and enjoyable, you're in the right place!

What will you learn in Stepmom Success Lab?

Learn The Juicy Secrets Of Success

Discover the winning formula used by thousands of successful stepfamilies to beat the odds and stay together for good!  

Start Connecting With Your Stepkids Like A Real Pro

Learn the specific steps for solid bonding, effective discipline and setting boundaries [without feeling wicked]!

Feel Heard, Be Supported; You're Not Alone In This

 Share your own roller-coaster of emotions with an open, encouraging sisterhood of stepmoms who hear you!

Here's what you get:


4 video lessons - watch them one at a time or binge them all at once! You have lifetime access, so no need to rush through.

You also get a workbook with the transcript of each video so you can find the part you are looking for without having to watch it all again!


8 weeks of LIVE video support calls so you can get all your personal questions answered!

Yes, I said LIVE support calls! Here's where I help you implement new ideas as you try them out in your own household. You can also post questions and comments in our private Facebook community.


Membership in our private Facebook group for more discussion and to share your wins with the other stepmoms in the group!

Your privacy is ensured. If you don't like posting or sharing sensitive details even in a small secret group setting, you can message me privately both during the support calls and in between via email or messenger.

For the first time in years, I feel validated and not crazy for feeling the way I do. Your information is great, easy to understand and so helpful!

K.S., Group member of The Spectacular Stepmom [with Tracy Poizner]

Here's A Sneak Peek:

  • Learn The 7 Must-Have Ingredients For Creating Your Joyful Stepfamily And Your Success Mindset
  • Easy-Peasy Parenting Techniques (For New AND Seasoned Stepmoms)
  • Your Ultimate Bio-Mom Toolkit So You Can Be In Control And Keep Your Cool!
  • Become An Insider In Your Family (Disengage With Love And Finally Find Your Stepmom Comfort Zone)

This course is for you if:

>> You are ready to learn some universal truths about step-parenting 💃

>> You know that now is the best time to get your step-family challenges sorted out 💃💃

>> You want to feel confident and connected with your stepkids 💃💃💃

>> You want to take the guesswork out of finding the right role for you as a stepmom 💃💃💃💃

>> You want some personal help to put these proven strategies to work in your family 💃💃💃💃💃

That's A Whole Lotta Game-Changing Advice For Just $247!

Tracy Poizner has been a mom, a divorced mom, a bio-mom and a step mom. She has weathered everything from long-distance visitation and parental alienation to full-on, full-time step-parenting and lived to tell the tale!  

She brings her unique blend of insight and hindsight (as well as a dash of laser-sharp intuition) to her passion for preparing stepmoms to be successful at the most emotionally demanging job in the world.